Marc A. Sweeney, PharmD, CEO, Profero Team
Marc A. Sweeney, PharmD, CEOModern medicine has come a long way in improving the quality of life by focusing more on evidence-based research and enabling novel therapeutic and treatment methods. However, sky-high prescription drug cost remains one of the most critical and contested issues for healthcare service providers, payers, and patients alike. According to a recent report, the current prescription drug spending in the U.S. is over $500 billion a year and growing at three times the inflation rate. As employers and healthcare providers scramble to combat the rising medication expenses, improve clinical outcomes, and create a more value-oriented healthcare system, they need the experience of a reliable partner that can help them navigate the complex landscape. This is where Ohio-based Profero Team makes a mark with its premium clinical pharmacy consulting and support services.

Drawing upon the deep industry experience of its clinical pharmacy experts, Profero Team assists employers, brokers, consultants, hospitals, and hospices reduce medication costs while improving the quality of care. “Today’s fragmented healthcare system lacks a collaborative approach to managing patients on drug therapy. Our goal is to fill those gaps with innovative solutions,” says Marc Sweeney, CEO of Profero Team.

Leveraging its expertise in the pharmaceutical space, Profero Team helps optimize pharmacy benefit plans for self-insured employers to address the rising healthcare and drug costs and improve outcomes. On the other hand, Profero Team’s expertise in pharmacy and medication management is key to helping physicians optimize their practice. Through a pharmacist collaborative practice model, Profero Team enables physicians to expand revenue, improve patient outcomes, and drive the growth of their practices. The company is also involved in genetic testing to optimize patient care through drug therapy.

Innovative Solutions Backed by Expertise

Profero Team takes a comprehensive approach to cover multiple aspects such as drug pricing, innovative plan management, third-party vendors, third-party assistance programs, and more. According to Sweeney, enrolling patients in the most cost-effective drug program with the best possible outcomes is a significant challenge in the healthcare industry. “Getting the best price on the wrong drug is not the apt solution,” he remarks. As a part of its pharmacy benefits consulting services for self-insured employers, Profero Team conducts a comprehensive analysis of drug expenditures, benefit plans, and existing programs to create a detailed presentation of findings and recommend changes to drive down the cost. Based on this assessment, the company helps clients identify if a member can be managed with a lower cost agent, either by utilizing genetic testing or programs with diligent follow-up plans.

For instance, if a patient is on a high-cost drug for plaque psoriasis, Profero Team ensures that the drug is meeting the desired clinical outcomes by regularly following up with the patient. The company’s Specialty Drug Utilization Management program helps clients offset costs by ensuring that a drug is effective. Through a proactive engagement process, Profero Team ensures that its pharmacists intervene on behalf of the plan to make sure that the patients are managed correctly. With expert pharmacists at its disposal, the company helps its clients improve medication adherence for patients/plan members while reducing adverse drug events and unnecessary urgent care visits that relate to drug therapy.

Profero Team also delivers a pain management program to minimize opioid abuse and drive down plan costs for physicians, employers, and hospices. Hospices working with Profero Team may experience an overall reduction in medication costs by 20-40 percent. Further, through its diabetes management program, the company helps physicians ensure patients follow up on their appointments while simultaneously increasing revenue and improving clinical outcomes.

Profero Team: Driving Cost Efficiency through Optimized Pharmacy Benefit Plans

Profero Team also develops and implements programs aimed at improving patient health. The company uses genetic testing to customize a patient’s exercise and diet regimen based on their genomic makeup. By getting people healthier, Profero Team helps ensure that they utilize fewer healthcare services. The company is also focused on implementing new and innovative care models like remote patient monitoring to help payors and providers impact the health of their members or patients and reduce the total cost of care.

For example, through its population health management program, Profero Team looks at the overall population of a plan to make sure that they are meeting the established benchmarks in terms of preventive medicine and following up on appointments, thereby facilitating care plan accountability

Driving Optimized Healthcare through a Customer-Centric Approach

Profero Team strongly believes that every company has scope for improvement when it comes to driving down costs and improving care. Over the years, the company has successfully helped numerous clients optimize their plans and drive maximum benefits. In one such case, Profero Team was called in to implement an onsite pharmacy for a hospital. The company displayed its prowess by reducing the client’s overall drug cost by approximately 40 percent and increasing the utilization of their onsite resources.

With customer-centricity at its heart, Profero Team begins with discovery meetings to delve into the client’s goals, challenges to achieving the goals, and the improvements expected by the client. The company ensures that all pharmacy benefit plans are aligned with the client’s philosophy and goals and fully customized to their needs. Following this, Profero Team conducts a high-level assessment of the client’s market position and their opportunities for improvement. After completing the assessment, the company gets into a contracted scope of work to deliver the right solution or strategy. Profero Team’s philosophy is that plugging into the right model is the starting point, not the finish line.

After implementing the right approach, the company brings in the appropriate partners and vendors, be it brokers, pharmacy benefits managers (PBM), or insurance agents, and works alongside them to help clients succeed. Not only do employers need the right PBM to obtain desired results, but they also need to optimize the plans to meet their needs. By leveraging this process, Profero Team renders solutions that can be optimized in the long run and delivers the best result with innovative strategies. Profero Team also collaborates with different vendors to provide ongoing claims and PBM contract performance monitoring for improved formulary management or drug coverage. The company hands over the audit results to clients and provides key recommendations for improvement.

One of the key factors that distinguish Profero Team from its competitors is the vast expertise at its disposal. The company’s prolific team includes a diverse group of pharmacists, medical directors, nurse practitioners, dietician groups, 340B program experts, pain management experts, palliative care providers, and more. With the best minds at work, Profero Team takes a comprehensive look at each plan member or patient and utilizes the best-in-class management programs and market-leading vendors to deliver a solution that is unique to clients’ desired goals. Unlike other players in the market, Profero Team does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Each solution is custom-designed to fit the distinct needs of the client.

Getting the best price on the wrong drug is not the apt solution

Evolving Solutions with Changing Times

Constantly working on delivering new and innovative solutions, Profero Team aims to expand its precision medicine services by embracing the newest technologies. In light of the pandemic, the company has been focused on providing solutions geared toward COVID vaccinations and treatment. They are currently working on COVID authorization programs to help address the increasing complexity pertaining to COVID-related healthcare services.
  • Today’s fragmented healthcare system lacks a collaborative approach to managing patients on drug therapy. Our goal is to fill those gaps with innovative solutions

For the future, Profero Team is working on solutions for senior citizens across the country. Through a medication advocacy program, the company aims to help senior citizens in independent or assisted living conditions who have no access to medication advocates. “We are building a model that will give senior citizens access to a pharmacist consultant to help them with issues relating to over-the-counter products and the cost of medication,” shares Sweeney. The company is also keen on expanding its pharmacogenomic consulting or genetic consulting services to get more patients on the right drug programs.